JavaScript development

JavaScript Development

Outsource your JavaScript development tasks from an experienced team of professionals.

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At Kurland Media, we develop back-end, front-end, mobile and desktop solutions using JavaScript programming in every imaginable way.

Kurland Media is front runner in the up-to-date Java Script app development and apps powered by cutting edge frameworks and technologies. With the perfect JavaScript development team at your disposal, you have in your hire the most innovative thinkers in front-end technologies such as HTML 5 application and Angular development as well as JavaScript web development. We have all the resources and frameworks needed for creating cross-platform applications. We also have the capacity to create pocket-friendly solutions for server, mobile and web applications using Angular JS.

JavaScript Web Development

JavaScript is a popular web programming language. The ultimate goal of JavaScript web development is to improve your site with interactive elements and increase its functions. JS web programming helps to create features such as carousels, button responses and image galleries. JS can also be used to implement intricate elements like 2D and 3D animated graphics, games and full scale apps. Thanks to our JS knowledge, we can easily apply them.

JavaScript App Development

JavaScript has many functions, and, yes, it can be deployed in building mobile applications. We will work with you to create your JS app with the use of Sencha Touch, PhoneGap and other such frameworks which are fast becoming the norm since they make development easier while also facilitating timely project execution. We also can work with you to build cross-platform JavaScript + HTML5 apps and embed third-part generated functionality (Facebook or Twitter API) into your applications.

We are your number one go-to JavaScript development outsourcing company for a number of reasons. Our team has the requisite expertise and experience to meet your specific needs and we will communicate remarkably well with you all through the project. Also, we guarantee you full legal protection and intellectual property rights while offering our services at a significant cost advantage to you. You can go wrong when you hire Kurland Media to meet your JavaScript outsourcing needs.