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Outsource your software development tasks from an experienced team of professionals.

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At Kurland Media, we specialize in providing first-rate, flexible, bespoke solutions that meets your time-sensitive needs to guarantee long-term cost savings in the entire life-cycle of your applications and software. Our software development resources for outsourcing purposes are applicable on-demand and can be deployed over an extensive time period as a foreseeable, inexpensive extension of the software development personnel of the client. We skillfully handle properly-delineated, time-sensitive projects on budget as well as open-ended enduring projects.

Our team is comprised of proficient software architects, developers, DevOps and QA specialists, data scientists and UI/UX designers. Our team members are well trained in computer science and/or other relevant fields. More so, our staff are up-to-the date with the latest approaches and technologies in software development, quality control and assurance, DevOps, Big Data and AI.

Based on an understanding of clients’ budget and needs, we provide satisfactory bespoke solutions. We apportion resources to swiftly reduce or enlarge a project based on client needs or the life-cycle of software development while reducing overheads and getting the most efficiency. Our outsourcing team is always on hand to engage on site with clients as may be necessary.

It takes a real team to get you the software of your dreams. In light of our enduring experience as a remote software development partner, we’ll sync flawlessly with your existing business strategy and products, thereby quickening time to market and underlining our unique selling point of optimal price-to-performance ratio. We guarantee your gratification with clear approval measures and carry out a total knowledge transfer once the engagement period ends.

Our bespoke custom software development outsourcing portfolio provides top notch offerings to execute projects of various sizes and intricacy. We have the capacity to execute as minute or as much as your team requires — from the provision of incremental software development resources to the management of the whole development life-cycle.

At Kurland Media, we work with you to meet a specific business need in a manner that gratifies your requirement for quality, speed and economical software development solutions.